Wales Mens Lacrosse


At the end of my first year at Bristol university, I was bored of football, rugby and cricket, and my attempts at rowing had ended with a broken wrist and a complete loathing of rowing machines. I decided I needed a new sport, something different. I'd seen the uni lacrosse club training on Wednesday afternoons, thought it seemed sufficiently unique and so signed up. The first mixed session (and subsequent social) had me fairly convinced I'd chosen wisely, but it wasn't until I tried men's lacrosse that I was completely hooked. The level of discipline, professional attitude and unrelenting sarcasm the coaches brought to the job was something I hadn't experienced before, and very much enjoyed!

From walking for an hour to get to practice as a beginner, to lugging rage cages around in my car as team captain, through to trying to convince the AU to give us more money as club president, I loved every second of lacrosse. As well as Bristol uni, I played for the South England University side and the Bristol city team (Bristol Bombers), where I was introduced to the 'glamorous' position of LSM.

I graduated in 2011, got an engineering job in Bristol and started coaching the university 2nd team (maintaining the tradition of unrelenting sarcasm of course). That November I found out that Wales were holding tryouts in Hitchin for the 2012 European Championships. Crawling out of bed at 7am on a freezing Sunday for the 3 hour drive was one of the most difficult and easily one of the best decisions I've ever made.

I made my Wales debut at the European Championships, had an amazing tournament, played with a fantastic group of guys and came back with an incredibly smelly dragon onesie. It was a couple of the best weeks of my life!

I can't wait to get out to Denver and represent Wales again.