Wales Mens Lacrosse


I started playing lacrosse in 2007; my final year at Swansea University. I was conned into it by the promise of girls... best decision I've ever made! Guaranteed, it changed my life. I've been lucky enough to meet some of my best friends through lacrosse, I even get to play with some of them for Wales! I owe this to Emily Jordan, who convinced me that turning up to mixed lacrosse for the first time was a good idea. Thanks Em!

I stayed in Swansea for a year after graduating to play for the Hawks team, after which I moved to Hitchin where I've been since, as captain for a couple of years as well as other club roles. My début for Wales was at the Celtic Cup in Edinburgh. I was then a travelling reserve for the Worlds in Manchester, which was a tough experience. Now I can see it as a good learning curve for getting into the starting 10 at Amsterdam and hopefully for Denver!
Originally an attacker, I volunteered to play defence when the entire Swansea Hawks starting D graduated. I've never really managed to get away from it! I'm predominantly a long stick midfielder, but can play close D or even SSDM whenever required.