Wales Mens Lacrosse


I began playing lacrosse back in 2006 half way through my first year of university. The plan was for lacrosse to supplement my hockey but after the first session I was hooked and soon found myself forking out for some second hand kit.

I spent a vast amount of my spare time from then on with a stick in my hand, throwing, shooting and learning the basics. My flatmate was an experienced lacrosse player and beat a lot of bad habits out of me from day one.

I found myself drawn to defense and bought my first long pole in my second year a brutal hickory wooden pole. Playing 6 out of 7 days a week certainly gave me plenty of time to improve and develop.

I have been fortunately throughout the years to be surrounded with the right people in order to progress, as well as a very experienced lacrosse player as a best friend, my coach from day one was Jason Perrin, formerly head coach of Wales, Finland and a variety of other nations. I owe a lot to those people for getting me this far.

I first started playing for Wales at the 2008 European Championships in Lahti Finland.

I’m extremely proud and excited to be Co-Captaining the squad in what will certainly be the biggest World Championships to date.