Wales Mens Lacrosse


I first played lacrosse for a charity match at school. I had no idea what lacrosse was so I was stuck in goal and when I eventually made a save I preceded to throw the ball into the back of my own net. Some say there's been little improvement since...

I came to the sport properly at university. I represented the University of London for three years before moving to Purley Lacrosse Club in south London. I'm in my fifth year at Purley now and have been the club captain for the past two. I play in defense because, fundamentally, I like running around and hitting people.
My first experience of Wales Lacrosse was as a spectator at the 2010 World Championship in Manchester. I went to watch the tournament and saw the boys beat Finland. I remember thinking 'Wouldn't it be cool to do that in four years time?!'

Two years ago I saw an advert for open trials for the European Championship in Amsterdam. I attended more out of hope than any real expectation but somehow managed to scrape my way onto the squad. I loved the tournament and pulling on the national shirt was a very special feeling. I'm now lucky enough to have the chance to go to Denver and be a part of the biggest lacrosse tournament there's ever been!