Wales Mens Lacrosse


I started playing lacrosse as a junior at Sheffield Steelers. Rising up from ground ball scraps at under 12's to premier league heights with the senior squad. I owe my love of lacrosse to the Sheffield club and the Coups brothers hard work in the city.
I never thought that all those early mornings and winding drives across the snake over to the Manchester clubs would amount to more than enjoyment for the sport, but now I have the opportunity to represent Wales at the World Championships in Denver!

Moving on from Sheffield I found my home in Leeds where after many hard fought games I managed with my friends and team mates to take both Leeds Met and Leeds Lacrosse Club up the leagues and to cup victories throughout the recent seasons.

This summer will be the first time I will represent Wales at an international tournament. Filled with pride, excitement, nerves and optimism, I can not wait to take to the field. From the undulating, water logged, cold stricken fields of British Lacrosse to the high altitude and heat of an American Summer in Colorado, 2014 for me will be one to remember!