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Wales Lacrosse: Men's eligibility criteria

To be eligible to play senior men's and U19's lacrosse for Wales all players must fulfill the Federation of International Lacrosse Criteria:

1) Be Born in Wales.

2) If not born in Wales, be a UK Passport holder, the passport being obtained by birth, by right or by naturalization and meet one of the following four criteria:

Parents: One or both birth parents, adoptive parents or step-parents born in Wales;

Grandparents: One or more birth or adoptive grandparents born in Wales; note: step-grandparents are not acceptable;

Marriage: Partner/spouse being a UK passport holder, with the qualification that the partner/spouse, and husband, must be resident in Wales; or

Residence: A minimum of a two-year residency period in the playing country within the last five (5) years. This does not necessarily have to be a continuous period but a cumulative total period of two (2) years over the previous five (5) years.

3) For non UK passport holders one of the criteria in 2 above, must be fulfilled; a maximum of four (4) non passport holders may be selected for any one squad.

4) Age: The lower limit age that applies to all World Championships and FIL events is 16 years of age as of the day prior to Championship / Event commencement.
Under 19 World Championships - the upper age limit is that all players must be under 19 as at 31st August of the year before the Championships take place


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