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Tom Rosser

M Tom RosserLacrosse for me began in university at Loughborough where I decided I wanted to pick up a new sport that, in truth, my height was not a disadvantage. I got involved and in my first year was given a long pole, which always kept smiles on the boys’ faces as it was a good few inches taller than me. After a good run with the second team in D I was moved to the first team to play midfield and soon learnt how to face off.

I am in my fourth season of the game now and made the decision to travel down to East Grinstead who gave me a spot on their team to play in SEMLA Prem 1. This had a massive impact on my game being able to play against a lot of the boys also going to the Euros. I have played in two BNC’s, once for the dragons development squad and most recently for the senior team, which was the highest level I have played at and now I have the unbelievable opportunity to represent my country in Hungary. This will be at the end of my studies and will top off the quality University Lacrosse experience I’ve been lucky to have and hopefully lead to an even more promising future.

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