Wales Mens Lacrosse


Silas Fuller

D Silas FullerWhen in comes to lacrosse I was a late bloomer. With a background of hockey and rugby at school, I made the mistake of thinking hockey was the right university sport for me. It wasn't till my second year that a friend who captained the women's team bet I couldn't get into the men's team. The following week I went to a lacrosse training session and from there hockey was slowly pushed to the back benches.

Starting as a SSDM I progressed to D pole where I have been happy ever since. As I slowly got to grips with the sport, I loved the combination of skill, physicality and intelligence needed and I also met some of my closest friends. I must thank Wil Evans for this, he has coached me from the start and his passion for the game is one of the key reasons I am writing this now.

In my five years playing for Cardiff University we have been undefeated at varsity and won 3 BUCS silver medals (always the bridesmaid, never the bride) and the club has progressed to the Southern Premiership in BUCS. I also enjoy playing for the Cardiff Harlequins with a few other wales senior squad members. I am honoured to have been selected for the Wales Senior men's Team and hugely look forward to competing at the European Championships in Budapest this summer.