Wales Mens Lacrosse


Rhodri Stanford

M Rhodri StanfordI started my journey with lacrosse when I was 18 (2002) just after I arrived at university in Cardiff. I'd played rugby all my life and wanted a new challenge, I instantly fell in love with lacrosse. For me it was the perfect combination of physicality, skill and fitness.

Within the first month I was attending as many training sessions as I could each weak, 2 with my Uni and 2 with the local club (Penarth). Playing wall ball and shooting on goal occupied up all my time between lectures. Fortunately the goal was located on an athletics track infield and set up by the hammer/discuss cage, which meant ample backup for the majority of my failed attempts.

In the December I got asked to join the Wales U19 set up in their training for the 2003 U19 World Championship, along with my good friend and training buddy James Smith (who shared an identical introduction to lacrosse), who pretty much drove me everywhere. We must have been some kind of pet project, but throughout the process we improved immeasurably and actually got a bit of game time at the tournament. The rest is history...