Wales Mens Lacrosse


Megan Hodun

Megan Hodun has been an Athletic Trainer since 2011. She was recruited for Wales Lacrosse because her name is Megan and she is American, which is – apparently – a requirement to be an AT for Wales Lacrosse. She was very pleased about that.

Megan hails from Seattle, Washington so the Welsh weather makes her feel at home. She is currently studying for a PhD in Sport Science at the University of Gloucestershire and likes to test the players on their knowledge of muscles, stretching, hydration, and nutrition.

In addition to Wales Lacrosse, Megan works with football clubs in southwest England. She is also helping to build the sports medicine and strength and conditioning team for each tier of the Wales Lacrosse organisation.

She has worked with Wales Lacrosse since April 2015 and is looking forward to her first European Championships in Hungary.

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  • Megan Hodun