Wales Mens Lacrosse


Mark Jones

D Mark JonesI started my lacrosse career as a friend of the family was trying to start a team in Cheadle Hulme. My first experience of Lacrosse was being sent off after being on the pitch for only 30 seconds for "roughing" and needless to say I have not looked back since.

I moved from Cheadle Hulme to Wilmslow, when the teams merged due to limited players. I played for Metro and subsequently the Lions before deciding to move to Cheadle where I spent my last junior years.

I have now played for Cheadle since I was 15 have had the privilege of winning the league and flags on numerous occasions. On one occasion we completed the quadruple and won all titles within England.

I joined and Captained Wales for the last world games in Manchester and despite a disappointing tournament we have developed a legacy ready the games in Denver.