Wales Mens Lacrosse


James Richardson

01 James RichardsonMy lacrosse life started through the basic form of pop lacrosse in Evenlode Primary school, a stones throw (with a lacrosse stick) from the local club of Penarth which, my father had been a playing and coaching member of for years after moving from his native Stockport to relocate. Fortunately for him (and subsequently me) there was a club near by to continue his sporting passion of lacrosse along side cricket.

Under many years of guidance through Penarth and Wales lacrosse from Gordon and Christine Shumack, my love for the game grew and in 2003 represented Wales in the U-19s lacrosse tournament. I am still standing next to some of that first international squad come Denver. The following year was the transition to the senior lacrosse international stage where I represented wales in the European Games 2004 hosted by Prague.

This will be my third European tournament and I am looking forward to it as much as my first!